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Technology at has advanced technology to solve your daily issue which you face on your devices or on your home or business internet connections.

Devices Connected to My WIFI – Most people face issues when they connect their devices with their WIFI. Like laptops, desktops, Printers, Smart T.V, Play Stations, Projectors & other Peripherals.

Software Installation Most people also face problems while installing any software on their devices. It’s so frustrating when a small problem or error makes this installation unsuccessful. Then they try to find software installation near me, we give an easy solution just on a call.


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Background has been found by professionals who have expertise in programming languages and deep knowledge of how to manufacture devices. Our engineers are solving customer’s problems on a daily basis and have more than 99% customer satisfaction. They have more than 20 years of experience. found to solve daily issues which we face with our devices. Computer working slow, printer not working and so on.

Experience is has more than 15 years of experience dealing with almost all the problems which we face on a daily basis with our devices and peripherals. has to advance technology and best solutions with easy steps which make it easy to understand by customers or clients if we guide them on call. We also try to provide better and easy solutions. You can connect us with E-mail Support, Call Support, Chat Support.

Basic Troubleshooting

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Internet Error

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Disclaimer – We are an independent information technology service provider. We are not connected to any brand like Microsoft, Apple or any other top brand. We do provide basic support for all brands’ devices and peripherals. However, if any support is required to get from leading brands, we also advise you to connect with them or our support engineers might help to talk to them at your request. – By